What Treatments Help with Age Spots?

Determining the most effective approaches for treating age spots is a goal that many adults, young and old, are interested in achieving. Age spots are not always indicative of aging. People in their early 20s can even experience them. Nevertheless, they are cosmetic concerns many people take seriously.

People develop age spots from exposure to the sun. Common locations for age spots are on the face and hands. There are many treatment approaches for addressing aging spots, but some of the popular treatment options are specific creams and procedures like chemical peels or laser therapy.

If you reside in the Dallas, Texas, area, you have the opportunity to work with Dr. Yash and his team at Dr. Yash Plastic Surgery to address your concerns with age spots.

Below, we’ll review the treatments often used to treat age spots so that you can become more aware of the available options.

Some age spots are signs of concern and should be reviewed by a dermatologist to rule out serious health concerns, including cancer.

Laser Treatment Procedures

Typically, one or a couple of treatments can address age spots and help you achieve a result that lasts a long time. One of the approaches to treating age spots is laser treatment procedures, such as laser skin resurfacing. It is important to note that some laser treatments can create side effects, including the darkening of age spots; although this instance can occur, the results typically resolve quickly.

Chemical Peels (As A Stand-Alone Treatment)

With chemical peels, you can treat aging spots on the face and hands as the skin heals quickly. You can receive a TCA Chemical Peel at Dr. Yash Plastic Surgery, which sheds away damaged superficial skin to reveal a smooth surface underneath, absent of age spots. Hand rejuvenation treatments are also available, which reduce age spots using laser treatments and dermal fillers.

Aftercare Protocols to Follow

It is essential to follow up your treatment with appropriate sun care to prevent age spots from returning. In addition to wearing sun-protective clothing, other best practices include staying in the shade and wearing sunscreen that is at least SPF 30 for the duration of time directed by your provider. If you are prescribed a protective cream or ointment by your dermatologist, be sure that you are avoiding sun exposure based on the requirements outlined under their care.

Why Work with Dr. Yash Plastic Surgery?

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