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Yash Avashia MD

Few plastic surgeons in Dallas, TX, possess the exceptional knowledge, skills, training, and compassion of Dr. Yash Avashia. Dr. Yash is a board-certified plastic surgeon who masterfully conducts a number of cosmetic surgical procedures of the face, breast, and body. This includes his specialties of rhinoplasty, facelifts, blepharoplasty, breast lifts (mastopexy), and tummy tucks (abdominoplasty). Dr. Yash offers various types of rhinoplasty including non-surgical, revision, reconstructive, ethnic, and preservation rhinoplasty.

Dr. Yash believes that each patient harbors a unique reason for pursuing plastic surgery. His primary goal is to help each patient find harmony between what they see and what they want, and he does so with the utmost care and respect. Patient education is a critical aspect of this process, which is why Dr. Yash spends ample time educating his patients on the best options to achieve their goals with impeccable results. You can learn more about Dr. Yash’s training, background, philosophy, and more by following the link below.

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Face Procedures

Facial symmetry and smooth skin texture are the beacons of beauty and attractiveness. Dr. Yash has mastered a variety of facial cosmetic surgeries that can turn back the clock on aging facial skin to make you appear younger, happier, and refreshed. Dr. Yash personalizes each operation and always strives to provide beautiful, natural, and subtle results. You can take a closer look at some of Dr. Yash’s signature facial procedures below:

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Breast Procedures

A woman’s breasts can be a powerful source of confidence and femininity, but they can also negatively impact self-esteem when their shape, size, or position aren’t quite right. Dr. Yash has helped countless women achieve their desired looks with his advanced breast surgery skills and is known in Dallas for providing outstanding results. Read on for in-depth information on breast surgeries with Dr. Yash:

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Body Procedures

A slim, toned, and contoured figure can provide a significant boost to anyone’s confidence. Dr. Yash improves his patients’ body outlines by conducting advanced body contouring procedures designed to eliminate unwanted fat and excess skin. We have a variety of cosmetic surgeries that can help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted, including:

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Non-Surgical Procedures

Not yet interested in cosmetic surgery? In addition to his surgical procedures, Dr. Yash conducts many non-surgical treatments that can have you looking great without the downtime, incisions, or anesthesia that surgery requires. Non-surgical procedures can be an excellent starting point for younger patients and are also ideal for those who have already had facial plastic surgery and want to maintain their looks. Some of our popular non-surgical options include:


Kelsie S.

So happy with my results! Dr. Yash is awesome at what he does and genuinely cares about what you want and the outcome of his work! This was my first time dealing with any type of injections and he made me feel very comfortable with the process. He listened to everything I had to say of what I was looking for and he gave me just that!! Definitely will be going back!

Mary C.

Dr. Yash and his staff were the best choices I have ever made. The best word to describe my experience with them is "LIFE-CHANGING ". They walked me through the process from day one. Dr. Yash did a beautiful job on my surgery. I am so thankful to them for being the best.

Magaly R.

If you are considering surgery, I recommend that you visit Dr. Yash Avashia. I couldn't be happier with my results. He did such an AMAZING job. I love your office staff very much! They are very helpful and they really care.

Meg K.

Dr. Yash is one of the kindest surgeons I have had the pleasure of meeting. I recently had a chin liposuction treatment done in-office and am happy to say that my results have been phenomenal, even only a month post-op! No pain (I even returned to work the next morning) and amazing results! I highly recommend Dr. Yash and look forward to my next treatments!


Dr. Avashia is amazing! Very knowledgeable and helpful in the healing process! Precise with everything he does. I have had a breast lift, implants, tummy tuck, muscle repair and liposuction. I’m so happy with my results I would use him 100 times over for everything I’ve had done!


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