RF Skin Tightening

RF Skin Tightening in Dallas, TX

If you’re dealing with mild to moderate skin laxity, radiofrequency skin tightening offers a non-invasive way to smooth wrinkles and eliminate sag.

RF skin tightening is an ideal solution for wherever you’re experiencing the early stages of loosening skin. The treatment involves no surgery and zero downtime for recovery.

Dr. Yash Avashia has specialized training and extensive experience in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments. He has a profound appreciation for the delicate aspects of facial and body anatomy, and applies his in-depth medical knowledge to produce outstanding results.

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What Is RF Skin Tightening?

RF skin tightening uses energy waves in the low end of the radiofrequency range (the part of the spectrum that includes Wi-Fi, radio, and TV signals) to heat the layer of your skin known as the dermis. This precisely controlled deep-skin heating causes the fibers in your skin to become shorter and tighter. The treatment also stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin fibers – structural proteins that help your skin remain firm, smooth, and resilient. The skin-tightening improvements from RF appear gradually in the weeks following treatment.

Various RF treatment types and carefully controlled treatment lengths and intensity are ideal for different types of skin improvement and concerns. Dr. Yash uses the Inmode system, which includes FaceTite, BodyTite, and Morpheus8. Each has advantages for specific cosmetic improvements. Some can reduce pockets of excess fat in addition to tightening the skin.

Why Might I Consider RF Skin Tightening?

As you age, your skin will become looser and less resilient. In part, this occurs because your body’s natural collagen and elastin production slows down. RF skin tightening can temporarily reverse this shift, boosting the collagen and elastin levels in your skin to restore a smoother, firmer, younger look. And, it can make these improvements without surgery and with no downtime for recovery after treatment.

RF can:

  • Tighten mildly to moderately loose skin on your face, neck, or other parts of your body
  • Smooth sun-damaged skin
  • Reduce wrinkles and lines on your face
  • Improve facial and body contours
  • Reduce pockets of excess fat

RF skin tightening works well with all skin types, including darker skin. (Light-based skin treatments, such as laser skin resurfacing, may not work well with dark skin.)

Am I a Good Candidate for RF Skin Tightening?

You may be well-qualified for RF skin tightening if you are concerned about mildly to moderately loose skin, sun-damaged skin, or wrinkles and you aren’t ready to consider surgery.

We do not recommend RF skin tightening if you are pregnant, as research is lacking as to this therapy’s effects on the developing fetus.

If you have significant sagging, RF skin tightening likely won’t produce the dramatic improvements you are hoping for. You may need a surgical facelift, arm lift, or tummy tuck to tighten skin that is more than moderately loose.

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Honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of Dr. Avashia’s process. He feels strongly that he needs to educate patients on what gives them the most value, and he focuses on what should be done instead of simply what could be done. He will only recommend procedures that will help achieve your goals. Dr. Avashia knows that not everyone “needs the knife,” and he will recommend nonsurgical solutions when appropriate in order to give you a more minimally invasive solution to achieve your goals.

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Whether you’re looking to reverse the signs of aging or improve the appearance of a specific area of your body, Dr. Avashia can help you achieve your desired goals. Visit Dr. Yash today to learn more.

What Can I Expect in My RF Skin-Tightening Treatment?


Dr. Yash will consult with you to understand your goals for the treatment. He will examine your skin quality, paying specific attention to its resilience. Based on your conversation and his assessment, he will recommend the procedure or combination of solutions that he considers best suited to your needs.

On the day of your appointment, before treatment begins, we’ll apply a mild numbing cream to your skin to minimize discomfort.


During the treatment, your provider will apply a layer of gel to your skin and begin moving the RF device over the treatment area. Some RF treatments rely on a thin tube or set of fine needles inserted into your skin, the tips of which emit energy to heat your skin in precise locations below the surface.

You may experience a warming sensation as the device heats your skin. Most patients do not find RF therapy painful.

Each treatment typically takes about an hour.


After your RF skin-tightening treatment, you are free to go home.

What Can I Expect After My RF Skin-Tightening Treatment?

You’ll have no downtime after your RF skin-tightening treatment, though you may experience some temporary redness and swelling. If you had RF microneedling, we suggest avoiding exercise and makeup use for the first 24 hours. Otherwise, you can go about your typical daily activities with no special post-treatment care instructions.

You may see some immediate improvement in skin laxity, but the results will appear gradually, over the next few weeks.


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FAQs About RF Skin Tightening in Dallas, TX

You may need additional treatments to get the full skin-tightening results you are seeking. In his initial consultation with you, Dr. Yash will explain whether to plan for multiple treatments.

Yes. Depending on your cosmetic concerns and the quality of your skin, Dr. Yash may recommend combining RF skin tightening with other facial rejuvenation treatments, such as Botox or dermal fillers.

The risks associated with RF skin tightening are minor, and you can minimize them by selecting a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Yash for your treatment. Under the care of an inexperienced provider, there is a risk of burns. Temporary side effects may include redness and swelling in the treated area.

The long-term risk of exposure to low levels of radiofrequency energy remains uncertain. All of us experience to RF energy every day — from cellphones, Wi-Fi, and radio and TV broadcasts — and researchers have yet to find any conclusive evidence of a health risk to people. The FDA has approved specific RF skin-tightening treatments, including those used by Dr. Yash, as safe.