Can I Enhance My Jawline Without Surgery?

Prior to the start of non-surgical cosmetic treatments, surgeries like facelifts were the approach to achieving a chiseled jawline. Today non-surgical treatment options allow one to achieve that look without undergoing the stress of surgery and a lengthy recovery. Additionally, minimally invasive treatment options make achieving an aesthetically appealing jawline possible.

At Dr. Yash Plastic Surgery, you can work with Dr. Yash Avashia, who will help you achieve the aesthetic goals you have for your jawline. Depending on your provider, your options for non-surgical, minimally invasive treatments will vary. If you reside in the greater Dallas, Texas area, contact the practice to learn about the next steps and the treatment process.

Here is some information on ways you may aspire to enhance your jawline without resorting to surgery.

What Minimally Invasive, Non-Surgical Treatment Options Are Available?

Cosmetic surgeons offer many non-surgical, minimally invasive options for treatment at their practices. Some of the ways you may achieve jaw enhancement may include:

Using these alternatives, you can avoid intensive procedure. Non-surgical options help you sculpt your jawline and get back on your feet much faster.

Are There At-Home Supplemental Practices?

You may also use at-home approaches that support the non-surgical and minimally invasive treatments you can receive at Dr. Yash Plastic Surgery. Some of these supportive approaches to enhancing the jawline at home include:

  • Self-massage using tools, such as facial rollers, gua sha, etc.
  • Cupping: using a cupping kit, you can drain lymph in the facial areas to debloat, resulting in enhanced jawline definition.
  • Skin-firming products can also tighten the skin on the face, temporarily improving the jawline.

How Do Fillers and Injectables Improve Jawline Appearance?

At Dr. Yash Plastic Surgery, you can improve the look of your jawline by using neurotoxins like Botox. When applied correctly, these toxins can relax the face and neck muscles, making them appear smaller to enhance the jawline. While it may take a week to see immediate changes, you can enjoy your Botox results for up to four months.

Fillers, including those that contain hyaluronic acid, can strengthen a weak jawline to produce a stronger bone appearance. You can also add filler injections on the top of the bony area of the jawline to create balance and definition.

Your provider may also suggest that to see jawline changes, other features should be treated, either in addition to or instead of treating the jawline. Sometimes, a lack of balance between the face and neck creates an undesirable jawline. For instance, if the skin is sagging under the chin, it may appear that the jawline lacks definition. Treating the fat underneath the chin with dermal fillers and neuromodulators may create more definition and result in a defined jawline.

Get in Touch with Dr. Yash Plastic Surgery to Enhance Your Jawline

If you’re ready to see improvement in your jawline without surgery, get in touch with Dr. Yash Plastic Surgery. Contact or call (469) 249-9615 to book your consultation to determine whether non-surgical enhancements can help you achieve the jawline of your dreams.