Combining a Facelift With a Brow Lift Procedure

As you age, your skin starts to lose its elasticity and structural integrity. Over time, this gives way to the gradual appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sunken features, and increased asymmetry.

One of the most popular plastic surgeries in the U.S., the facelift, addresses these issues. But many patients are starting to realize the overwhelming benefits combining a facelift with a brow lift can have on their appearance. 

Here, Dr. Yash discusses why combing a facelift and a brow lift can provide more effective aesthetic results than when either procedure stands alone.

What Do Facelifts and Brow Lifts Do?

The facelift and brow lift are both surgical procedures that tighten and smooth facial skin. However, contrary to its name, a facelift does not rejuvenate your entire face. Instead, this surgery focuses on the lower two-thirds of your face, with the cheeks, jawline, chin, and neck areas getting the most significant improvements. Facelifts solve aesthetic concerns like parentheses lines and the appearance of jowls or a turkey neck.

A brow lift focuses on the upper third of the face – specifically, the forehead region. This part of the face plays a vital role in your facial expressions, and is highly susceptible to the formation of deeper wrinkles. By elevating the brow, a brow lift can dramatically change your overall facial appearance, opening your eyes and making you look more approachable.

Why Combine the Procedures?

For many patients desiring a more youthful, vibrant appearance, natural-looking results and a comprehensive approach are essential.

In some cases, patients who receive a stand-alone facelift or brow lift might feel their faces are slightly imbalanced after the operation, with one part appearing more youthful than the other.

When patients choose a comprehensive approach to their surgery, such as addressing the entire face with a facelift and brow lift, the results appear subtler due to the total overall change in skin texture and removal of wrinkles.

Facelift and Brow Lift in Dallas, TX

Are you looking for results that offer maximum confidence and longevity? Dr. Yash is a world-class, peer-reviewed, published plastic surgeon serving the greater Dallas region. His patient-focused approach leads him to conduct all consultations and operations personally.

In creating a surgical plan for your facial rejuvenation, Dr. Yash will guide you toward the best decisions for realizing your goals. If you only need a facelift or brow lift, Dr. Yash will be honest with you and won’t suggest something unless he believes it would benefit you. But in his experience, he has found most of his patients desiring a revitalizing procedure benefit greatly from both procedures. Contact Dr. Yash Avashia in Dallas, TX, at (469) 249-9615 or via our online form to learn more about facial rejuvenation surgery.