The Do’s and Don’ts Before Getting Liposuction

Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures available in the U.S., with over 210,000 procedures performed annually. With the popularity of liposuction on the rise, it’s important for potential liposuction patients to understand how to prepare for their procedure.

Here, Dr. Yash explains what patients should and shouldn’t do before a liposuction treatment. 

The months leading up to liposuction are an important time that determines the procedure’s effectiveness. The healthier a patient is, and the closer they are to their ideal body weight, the better the results from liposuction will be. In order for us to guarantee a patient’s optimal results and safety, they must have a BMI of below 32.

This means patients should:

  • Consume a healthy, balanced diet with a caloric deficit for as many months as possible before receiving liposuction. By doing so, patients will lose weight naturally, getting them closer to their ideal body weight. Adding plenty of protein, fruits, vegetables, and nuts to your diet will ensure the body is primed for healing, making recovery from the procedure fast and straightforward.
  • Engage in regular physical exercise. Exercise doesn’t need to be rigorous, but patients considering liposuction should aim for an elevated heart rate 3-4 times a week. This might mean a morning walk or jog, a swim, light weightlifting, or stretching. These activities get the heart pumping, the body moving and the blood flowing. All of this is essential for overall heart, cardiovascular and musculature health, which will put the patient in good stead to achieve the results they desire from liposuction.

You are not alone; many women struggle with weight-loss. Rather than enforcing restrictions that can lead to binge eating, continue finding nutrient-dense foods that you enjoy and add them to your diet. Choose physical activity that you enjoy and make time for it. Embrace a community that supports you, whether it’s a crossfit gym, a local sports team, or a facebook group. Small, sustainable changes will compound over time and make a huge impact.


Patients need to remember that liposuction shouldn’t be considered a weight-loss procedure. Rather, it’s a body contouring procedure that helps patients get closer to their desired body shape to regain confidence and lead a fuller, more active, life.

As such, patients should avoid:

  • Smoking and excessive drinking. Drinking and smoking to excess causes damage to the cardiovascular, respiratory, and immune systems. These habits contribute to chronic lethargy, increased caloric consumption, an inactive lifestyle, and caloric surplus, all of which result in weight gain. Avoid or limit these habits, and patients will be well on their way to successfully preparing for liposuction.
  • Trying to get pregnant. Weight fluctuations during pregnancy may negate the effects of liposuction, so patients should wait until they are no longer considering pregnancy to have the procedure. Other body contouring procedures such as a mommy makeover or tummy tuck can be used to achieve their goals.

Liposuction in Dallas, TX

Liposuction can help people achieve the body they desire, but only if the patient is willing to put in the effort. Dr. Yash stresses to his patients that liposuction shouldn’t be considered a solution for excess weight; rather it should be used as a tool to motivate and achieve the physique one desires.

If you or a loved one is considering liposuction, then reach out to Dr. Yash Avashia in Dallas, TX, at (469) 249-9615 or via this online form to arrange a virtual consultation to discover how to best prepare for the procedure.