7 Tips for Caring for Your Skin After a Facelift Procedure

With its ability to tighten skin and reduce wrinkles, a facelift procedure in Dallas, Texas, can take years off your appearance. Through the youthful glow that a facelift leaves in its wake, you can feel more confident, vibrant, and joyful in your skin.

But once you decide to have this sought-after surgery, it is essential to learn how to care for your skin after a facelift. Proper attention not only helps you steer clear of unnecessary complications but also aids to faster recovery and problem-free results.

To help you get the most out of your procedure, here are 7 facelift recovery tips that let you obtain your ideal appearance without any issues.

1. Listen to Post-Op Advice

Facelift surgery requires active care after the procedure. Once you have your surgery, your doctor will provide you with a list of post-op instructions in order to care for yourself at home. These tips can range from applying ointments to resting for a few days. You must pay attention to these suggestions to support your recovery process.

2. Stay Hydrated Throughout the Day

Your post-op instructions will let you know exactly how to care for your skin after a facelift. Besides those suggestions, you should also adopt healthy habits such as staying hydrated. Adequate hydration requires you to drink plenty of water during the day, which in turn will nourish your skin, support your immune system, and reduce the chances of infection.

3. Consume A Healthy Diet

After a facelift, your body needs nourishment for a timely recovery. Adopting a healthy diet is an essential part of your facelift recovery. This diet includes but is not limited to lean meats, seafood, leafy green vegetables, apples, beans, legumes, and more. You can discuss a targeted diet plan with your surgeon for optimal execution of this tip.

4. Stay on Top of Multivitamin Consumption

Nutrients such as vitamins are essential for your recovery after any surgery. This also holds true when you are learning how to care for your skin after a facelift. After your facelift procedure, you may receive a few multivitamin supplements or tablets to take every day. Make sure that you take them as prescribed, and don’t miss a dosage.

5. Steer Clear of Sun Damage

Sun damage is one of the top contributors to a plethora of skin problems. It can do double the harm when you are recovering from a facelift. That is why you must avoid sun exposure for at least two weeks after your facelift. After your resting period is over, make it a point to use SPF 50 or above whenever you go out in the sun.

6. Keep Your Incisions Clean

As one of the most essential facelift recovery tips, your doctor will ask you to keep your incisions clean at all times. This means that you should avoid situations that may expose you to excessive dust, dirt, and grime. Besides cleaning your incisions with suggested topical products, you should also put antibiotic treatments on them as indicated by your doctor.

7. Sleep with An Elevated Pillow

This particular tip is not difficult to follow. But it can often be overlooked. To make sure that you are preventing instances of increased swelling or bruising, sleep on your back with your head tilted upwards. This lowers your chances of unnecessary complications, while also helping you save your incisions from unwanted tearing.

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