Lip Augmentation

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Lip Augmentation in Dallas, TX, With Dr. Yash Avashia

Fuller, plumper lips can make you look younger, healthier, and more attractive. Some people are born with thin lips, while others lose fullness in their lips as they age. Whether you’re trying to recover a younger look or make your face more attractive and alluring, lip augmentation might be the solution you’re seeking. Lip augmentation can also change the shape of your lips, bring your lips into better harmony with your other facial features, and correct asymmetrical lips.

Dr. Yash Avashia has specialized training and extensive experience in performing lip augmentation and other cosmetic and reconstructive facial surgery procedures. He applies his surgical skill, aesthetic sense, and in-depth medical knowledge to produce beautiful and natural-looking results.

To learn more about how lip augmentation in Dallas might benefit you, contact Dr. Yash Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation.

Why Might I Consider Lip Augmentation?

  • Make thin lips wider, plumper, and more attractive, whether your lips have always been thin or have lost volume with age
  • Smooth fine wrinkles and lines in your lips and the skin just above
  • Turn up the corners of your lips to give your face a more contented look when your facial muscles are at rest
  • Restore symmetry to uneven lips
  • Make your expressions look happier and more attractive if you have lips that disappear when you smile
  • Strengthen lip definition
  • Improve the balance and harmony among your facial features
  • Give your self-confidence and self-esteem a boost

What Are the Options for Lip Augmentation?

Dr. Yash offers several approaches to lip augmentation, from injections that fill out the lips for several months after each treatment to more permanent surgical procedures.

Dermal Fillers

Injectable dermal fillers offer a quick and easy way to add volume to your lips, with results that last for a few months to a year. Dr. Yash uses different filler types for specific cosmetic improvements. For example, Restylane® is an excellent choice for plumping the lips. Made from hyaluronic acid – a substance that occurs naturally in the body – the gel-like substance creates a smooth, flexible, natural look. 

Other dermal fillers used by Dr. Yash include Juvéderm®, Sculptra®, and Radiesse®. These also consist of hyaluronic acid, but in different formulations suited to filling facial wrinkles and creases or adding volume to other parts of the face, such as the cheeks or under the eyes. All of these hyaluronic acid fillers, including Restylane, stimulate collagen production within the skin and help the tissue retain moisture. 

If you choose, Dr. Yash can inject fillers in different parts of the face to plump your lips, erase the fine lines above your lips, and soften lines and wrinkles to the sides of your mouth and around your eyes.

Surgical Options

Several surgical approaches offer more permanent lip augmentation solutions.

Fat grafting, like dermal fillers, uses injections to add volume to the lips. But unlike dermal fillers, fat grafting plumps your lips with your fat tissue, taken from another part of your body in a liposuction procedure. Fat grafting offers three advantages over dermal fillers. It uses tissue from your body, not a manufactured substance. The transplanted fat gives significantly longer-lasting results than filler injections. And the liposuction procedure has a slimming effect on a part of your body where you have excess fat. 

Tissue grafting also uses tissue from your body to fill out your lips. In a tissue grafting procedure, Dr. Yash removes a small amount of skin from another part of the body and implants it into the lips. Before implanting the harvested skin through an incision just inside your mouth, he forms it into a roll of the desired thickness and length. The tissue used for grafting to enhance the lips comes from a body part where the scar from its removal won’t be visible, such as the lower abdomen.

Lip implants, another lip augmentation option, use specially constructed implants made of silicone or expanded polytetrafluoroethylene that Dr. Yash implants in the lips through small incisions just inside your mouth.

Lip lift and vermilion lip advancement extend the width of the upper lip without adding volume. These techniques can make the upper lip more prominent when it is too thin, give the edge of the lip a more defined edge when its border is indistinct, or enhance the shape of the upper lip. A lip lift can raise the corners of the mouth to give you a happier look when your facial muscles are at rest. Either technique, or a combination of the two, can form your upper lip into a Cupid’s bow or another line that enhances your appearance.

ready to begin your Aesthetic Journey?

Honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of Dr. Avashia’s process. He feels strongly that he needs to educate patients on what gives them the most value, and he focuses on what should be done instead of simply what could be done. He will only recommend procedures that will help achieve your goals. Dr. Avashia knows that not everyone “needs the knife,” and he will recommend nonsurgical solutions when appropriate in order to give you a more minimally invasive solution to achieve your goals.

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Whether you’re looking to reverse the signs of aging or improve the appearance of a specific area of your body, Dr. Avashia can help you achieve your desired goals. Visit Dr. Yash today to learn more.

What Can I Expect Before, During, and After My Lip Augmentation Treatment?

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Dr. Yash will consult with you to understand your goals for lip augmentation. He will examine your lips to understand the current state of your lip tissue. Based on your conversation and his assessment, he will recommend the approach that he considers best suited to your needs. 

Treatment with dermal filler is noninvasive and does not require anesthesia or sedation. Dr. Yash will perform surgical lip augmentation in the state-of-the-art surgery center at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, where he is a partner. There, you will arrive on surgery day, check in, and meet with Dr. Yash. Your anesthesiologist will then anesthetize you with local anesthesia and sedation and take you back into the operating room. Your surgical team may use general anesthesia if you opt to combine surgical lip augmentation with another surgical procedure.


Different approaches to lip augmentation involve various procedures in your treatment:

For dermal filler injections, Dr. Yash uses a fine needle to minimize discomfort. The filler contains lidocaine, which numbs your lips. He may also use a topical anesthetic to minimize any discomfort from the injections. The in-office procedure typically takes between 30 minutes and an hour.

For surgical procedures, including fat grafting with liposuction, tissue grafting, lip implants, lip lift, and vermilion lip advancement, local anesthesia prevents you from feeling the incisions. In a lip lift or vermilion lip advancement, Dr. Yash removes a thin sliver of skin above the upper lift and pulls the lip tissue upward to extend the width of the lip. After completing the procedure, Dr. Yash closes the incisions. 


You are free to go home from your lip augmentation once you are alert after the sedation or anesthesia wears off. After treatment with dermal filler, you may be able to immediately resume your daily activities. After a surgical procedure, you’ll need to rest at home for a short time, and it’s advisable to have someone with you for the first 24 hours. Dr. Yash will provide you with post-treatment care instructions and will be available if you have any immediate questions or issues.

What Can I Expect After My Lip Augmentation Treatment in Dallas, TX?

With dermal fillers, you may have some mild discomfort and possibly some short-term swelling and bruising in the days immediately after treatment, but these effects should not prevent you from resuming typical activities. Results are visible immediately and will continue to improve over the next few days.

If you opted for a surgical procedure, you will need some downtime for recovery and can expect some bruising and swelling in the first few days. You may need pain medication to ease discomfort.

Dr. Yash sees surgical lip augmentation patients for follow-up one week, two weeks, and a month after treatment.

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